Cat Cuddle Heaven (ASMR softly spoken, purring, rain in background)
The White Pube

October 7, 2017

TIL DEATH DO US INTO PARTS: Louisa Martin is reading to us from her new book and i’m copying bits down that I like here in caps. feel like I know her bc I saw her show in the Bluecoat recently where she filled a room with colour + sound bouncing off the walls; slight radar, angled, blurred edges u could touch with your finger tips and face skin. the exhibition in liverpool was upstairs and i was out of breath when i got there but it matched the art, i enjoyed it.

NOT TETHERED BUT TOUCHING: I’m sitting in city hall in london with my feet up. Her presence is soft / clever / welcome. Last night before i slept i watched the first few minutes of an ASMR video on youtube of a cat purring on a rainy evening while a white arm went up and down the back of the cat. girl chatting away in appropriate tones and syllables. The cat was on top of a white quilt, and I couldn’t really hear the rain, just a level mmmmmmmm behind the scene.

LESS LOSS LOSS LESS: The cat was quite ambivalent. i mean, every so often it looked happy. mostly it was 3 star happy. But this thing was happening. the youtuber kept talking about how she was worried the cat was going to get up and leave. obvious statement: her two cats were temperamental. my throat felt tight.

IN SPINNING ESCAPE CAPTURE: She knew what she had was good and she was scared she was going to lose it. < The video has 115,595 views as of publication. > The fact she was admitting to this panic that her shot might be ruined stressed me out and I had to turn it off. I was no longer relaxing, the video was never relaxing, and that’s what ASMR is for ffs. it is to buffer an atmosphere with purely ur words and production, like Louisa Martin has offered me then n now, ah, ah. had to stop watching, I was scared the cat was going to leave me too and wake everyone up.


TECHNICAL AND REPRESENTATION EMISSIONS: oh my godddddd softly screams this is the best asmr in the entire world i have never felt so happy and content!!!!!!!

REMEMBERING: this cat is so calm and well behaved. when i pet my cat too much it attacks. one time it bit my entire arm even tho i had already stopped petting it

DARK MATTER: The video became inverse ASMR, gently #dark. my dreams were cinematic and bleak and I woke up when the sky was still night sky.