Grand designs instead
The White Pube

October 7, 2017

when someone is presenting their clever academic stories for 15 minutes it’s hard to hold the whole speech with ur hands. ideas fall through your fingers and over onto the floor under your chair bc they are too heavy, slippy, unfamiliar. I wish I hadn’t already forgotten what that person said, i wish it was a transcript. it’s POSSIBLE I’m not clever enough bc i can’t keep up but also maybe 15 minutes isn’t enough time for a panel to make sense? I hear one part I like and run with it ~ write with it.

(haha that’s how I used to make art when I was a student. One thing would pique my interest so OKAY ill make ART ABOUT IT Then; art never came out of me organically, it was always too commissioned or something. I only made it because I was on a Fine Art course. I stopped making art and kept to writing instead, n I’m still reactive but I’m taking up less space - in a good way)

but that selective hearing is happening now we’re half way through the marathon, s0 many panels.

im picking my nail varnish off and sprinkling it on the floor around me, my baby hair is curlier than when I woke up. I lay on the carpet for a moment

put my phone on charge


a cut inside ur nose feels so big when actually it is so small!

that sounds like an UberFacts tweet, doesn’t it.

Artist Eduardo Terrazas has just been on stage talking about geometry and politics, n there was a moment he said something to the effect of: now we have to live in a space that’s 10 square metres instead of a place we’ve built ourselves, something that is purpose-built for what we need. i kept that bit and that’s what I’m writing about, this is grand designs instead.

If i built my own house it would be like snakes and ladders but the snakes would be slides and lifts. I would have one of those walkway shelves around the top of the house for a cat to adventure on. the bedroom would be a cave angled for circadian sleep. the toilet would be soundproofed. i’d like a tap for coke. a bath big enough for two people;; my boyfriend is 6 foot 8, so all the tabletops and mirrors would need to be sized up too. Cinema, infinity pool, seclusion, high walls, garden, outdoor heaters, good stars in the sky over us. This is a good mind exercise but truly all I want in life is to own a house, jus 1 house. it can be 10 square metres if it has to be. the impossibility of house ownership is causing all my anxieties and I sweat 2 think that I’m going to have to live with my parents forever. at least there will always be cereal in the cupboard.

It’s funny like, I didn’t really think of the technology of my dream house. Can you only make ONE room of your house *connected*? Can I just make my office and my bedroom wifi’d. if so would i need to use a lot of lead? is that unhealthy/expenny? I don’t need to talk to anyone if I’m living with my boyfriend bc he is my twitter, he’s good. If u were building from the ground up you could embed, add-on, Alexa, perfect. There are men talking about artificial intelligence now for the Marathon, the co-founder of Skype is on the panel which is ooOoOo. ‘Artificial intelligence is an intellectual adventure,’ but it only is if u opt in. it seems to work best when it goes unnoticed, admin alongside us ergonomically. and like that I want it to come after me; I don’t want to live towards it. I like how little blotches of green and purple plants grow on the stairs of train stations. Have you seen them? Idk. I want that after-effect on my dream house, it can’t look like Sims, that’s wrong. that feels too square.

one of my fav videos