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The White Pube

October 7, 2017

i don't wana write anymore words, i will be writing one in images... i mean like only putting images. that's a legitimate thing don't @ me i am a critic. also the recycled air in city hall makes this room feel like an aeroplane we r both so crispy crisps.

this is about Johannes Paul Raether i think, partially. maybe also a cluster of images?

My guy reminded me of Linda Stupart: and the show they did at Arcadia Missa in 2016.

I used to work there, just invigilating on saturdays for the ca$h and when they did their show i bothered them so much during the install they said they'd write a spell for me to banish my enemies. but then i got bronchitis so I never got the spell :(

here r the images i am thinking around, it's ok if they don't make sense bc just putting them together is enough for me; all i hope is u have something new for ur meme folder <3