Hello, dear readers, welcome to the serpentine marathon.
a fun introduction;;;; we are ur short form bloggers, The White Pube and we will be publishing here all day 10am til 10pm documenting what goes on here in City Hall: about the performances, panels, but also what we have for lunch etc etc. it's very hot in here, I have boob sweat tbh, not gonna lie.

We are Gabrielle de la Puente and Zarina Muhammad, and under the collective name of The White Pube we write and publish art criticism and baby essays.
We will be publishing a smoll lil text about what’s going on, around every hour (inshallah) our thoughts about what’s happening and maybe a hot take if ur lucky.
ok, this all. just thought it’d be nice to say hello before we start, bc otherwise u might not know us, wot we’re on about, what’s going on.
if u wana find out more bout what we’re about here’s our links:
INSTA (drop in for our insta stories as we navigate City Hall)

INFO this is a proper intro, more formal

below is a video where u can hear our voices, like we’re chatting to u thru the screen awwww. idk, I think it's important to get to know us even from afar, thats how art critics should b, you should know where we stand.

if u wana shout at us, have any questions/thoughts u wana throw our way;;; @ us on twitter/instagram @thewhitepube or send us an email [email protected];;; we’ll do our best to keep u in the loop
but ye, that’s it. thank u for having us, we hope u enjoy spending the day with us
lots of love,
xxxx we type really fast this is going to b interesting