what is ur favourite seat on the bus
The White Pube

October 7, 2017

have you watched House? every episode is the same: someone gets sick, House and his team of three doctors try to figure out whats up with them, land on a theory, it goes wrong, the patient deteriorates, and eventually they come up with another idea that works. When they’re doing the thinking, they are always going through their own specialism, i.e. the neurologist thinks they have a nerve disorder, the cardiologist wants to do a sonogram of their heart etc. And I remember the moment House asks them if they realise they are doing this and to check themselves bc it could really limit how they approach a problem.

u build a fence, paint it black and you are a goth now. new twitter bio.

Natalie Kane and Tobias Revell are talking about their collaboration, Haunted Machines. they said when computers became PCs, there was a constant comparison of computers to magic and of their creators to wizards. But they realised that a lot of people they surveyed were dungeons & dragons players - that House effect isn’t it - but i don’t think that’s a but because like, we still fantasise the ontology of digital technologies. I went past a bus stop in Manchester the other month and there were wireless charging points ~AT THE BUS STOP~. i don’t know how wireless charging works; also see the entire www.internet, wifi, bluetooth, why I look better on Snapchat than my normal phone camera, the cloud, why spilling ribena on my laptop in 2012 fully kiltttt it (messing, i know why. Apple keep our machines balancing open wounds we are bound 2 carefully protect,, make it risky business so they can make businesssssss). I’ve done the reading and googling but I still can’t make the leap of faith. And I don't know what my parameters are because I'm on Twitter every day, my references are expansive af. Something is breathing life into all of this, someone must b making electricity burn.

(i wonder who in the audience for the Serpentine Marathon is listening with art ears/tech/both/neither; who is dissociating and becoming a hologram in the hot seat while their head is away with their life when i was an art student i would take the bus everywhere even if it would take me twice the amt of time, bc i needed to save money. weirdly glad, looking back, because travel is a good space to think. on sunny afternoons of the lower deck on the window seat that goes up a level, my face would get hot while i realised there was no answer. i am just on a bus, i should calm down. my sweating is existenial panic, i wont need a winter coat this year.

In the serpentine marathon today my face is hot like that. clever people on stage are trying to get closer to okay).