Anna Bella Geiger


Anna Bella Geiger is an active Brazilian artist who was born and lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She studied under Fayger Ostrower and gained a degree in Anglo-Germanic Languages at the Federal University of Philosophy, Rio de Janeiro. She later took classes with Hannah Levy Deinhart at New York University and at the New School for Social Research. Her career began during the 1950s, where she exhibited at the First Abstract Art Exhibition of Brazil (1953). She has been exhibiting one-woman and group shows and taking part in various international biennials. Her works appear in major national and international art museums and institutions, such as MoMA, the Centre Pompidou and Tate Modern. Since the early ‘60s, Anna Bella has been dedicated to art teaching, first at the MoMA of Rio de Janeiro, then at the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage, Brazil and more recently, at the Hoger Instituut Voor Schone Kunsten in Ghent, Belgium