NAKED are Agnes Gryczkowska and Alexander Johnston, a London-based duo whose work engages with noise, industrial, experimental and extreme forms of electronic music.

Their new EP for Halcyon Veil — 'Total Power Exchange' — is a distorted and violent noise transgression, rooted in socio-political confrontation. It’s made from the sounds of sex, vomit, noise, relentless forward movement and Salò-birthed vocals to create a spine-crushing noise hybrid in the face of systematic oppression. It speaks of power - who holds it and who seeks to reclaim it, and of alternating states of control. All read via the prism of current politics, societal restraints and the capitalistic manipulation and understanding of the body. Total Power Exchange speaks of releasing one’s own mind and body from the controlling mechanisms that have been imposed on them.

This year has seen NAKED release two new music videos and an alternative national anthem for DAZED which followed the release of their debut album Zone and a collaboration with Mykki Blanco.