Olivier Landau

Olivier Landau is now President of the Research and Innovation Institute at the Centre Pompidou, and member of the Board of Directors of Ars Industrialis. He was formerly Deputy Director for Strategy and Anticipation of the Advanced Services Department for Telecom and Media of Sofrecom, Orange Group. Since 1993, he has worked on the impact of digital technologies on access to content, particularly in media. The universality of the digital world has led him to broaden his scope of interest to all the services impacted by the information society. For several years, he has been interested, with Bernard Stiegler, in the widespread automation of industry, and the consequences for society, particularly with regard to employment and work. Olivier Landau has been producer and director of numerous TV, documentary and fiction programs. He was the founder in 1986 of TV Mondes, the second thematic channel of cable networks in France.