Romuald Hazoumè


Romuald Hazoumè (b. 1962, Benin) belongs to the leading ranks of the international artistic community.

Hazoumè’s astute and sardonically political oeuvre is realised in a diverse and often unconventional range of media, including masks, sculptures, photographs, paintings and multi-media installations that include sound and video components. Using the ubiquitous plastic petrol can as his unmistakable iconic signature, Hazoumè has created a series of monumental installations that act as metaphors of African place, history and identity. Whether taking aim at endemic political corruption in Africa or addressing the global indifference compounding environmental disasters, his works are capable of compressing bewildering details into complex, yet nuanced metaphors. This autumn, his solo exhibition All in the Same Boat will be shown at October Gallery, London.