The Serpentine Podcast: On General Ecology


In the latest series from the Serpentine Podcast, host Victoria Sin discusses themes from the Serpentine General Ecology project, including complex systems, interspecies landscapes and the environment 

General Ecology is a long-term, cross-organisational, multi-disciplinary and cross-media research project. Harnessing the network and learnings developed over the last years, the project is the Serpentine’s think tank at the porous thresholds of art, science and the humanities, bringing together the most forward-thinking researchers, artists, activists and practitioners from all disciplines to reflect on the urgent crises of the Anthropocene by thinking ecologically both within the Galleries, across a network of individuals and organisations, and in a wider context.

Host: Victoria Sin
Production: Jessie Lawson for Reduced Listening
Mixing: Steve Wyatt

Episode 1: In Our Bodies:

In our own bodies, we are outnumbered 9 to 1 by non-human cells. If we as humans need these organisms to function, are we even humans without them? In this episode, Victoria Sin attends the second symposium of Serpentine Galleries' General Ecology series: the Shape of a Circle in the Mind of a Fish, titled 'We Have Never Been One'. They catch up backstage with symposium curators Filipa Ramos and Lucia Pietrouisti, and with speakers Phoebe Tickell, Germain Meulemans, Anaïs Tondeur, Anna Tsing, Leah Kelly, Daisy Hilliard and Priya Jay. With sound works from Annea Lockwood, Sophia Al Maria, Vivian Caccuri and Jenna Sutela. The extract at the beginning of the episode was written by Alex Cecchetti.