Pedagogies of the Ear

6 Episodes


Pedagogies of the Ear investigated how the act of listening functions as a critical register of social and political life. Evan IfekoyaHannah Catherine JonesKatia KameliGail Lewis and Raju Rage all responded to the prompt of a playlist that Serpentine Galleries sent  in advance, the focus of which pulled together materials that addressed how to break with linear models of teaching and also to break with the pursuit of objective comprehension. The Study Evening framed listening as a pedagogical strategy with emphasis on collective listening, non-hierarchical gathering, translation, reciprocity and care.

We will continue to create spaces to think about the practice of listening, and its relation to learning and organising. Participants were invited to share a selection of sounds/recordings/music/or spoken presentations in the Library of the Institut Francais in South Kensington.

The original playlist included :
Echoes, Audre Lorde (1993)
Why Does Fred Sandbank’s Work Make Me Cry, Andrea Fraser (2012)
News from the Sun, Podcast (with Nine Yamamoto), Raju Rage (2016)
Silence, Pauline Oliveros (2010)
Panaiotis – Deep Listening, Pauline Oliveros, Stuart Dempster (1989)
Teaching and Learning, Reggio Emilia, Carla Rinaldi (2012)
Critic’s Page, Brooklyn Rail, Coco Fusco (Dec 2015)
Ten preliminary theses on Militant Sound Investigation, UltraRed (2008)

Participants responses included:
Wouldn’t it be Nice, Beach Boys (1966) [Chosen by Gail Lewis]
Summertime, Albert Ayler (1963) [Chosen by Gail Lewis]
Mick Jenkins – Rain (Chopped Not Slopped), Purple Children 6, Slim K (2015) [Chosen by Evan Ifekoya]
Lake [BKEDIT 011], Elysia Crampton (2015) [Chosen by Evan Ifekoya]
Tuning Meditation, Pauline Oliveros [Led by Hannah Catherine Jones & Evan Ifekoya]
Black and Blue, Louis Armstrong [Chosen by Hannah Catherine Jones]
Blackman’s Word, Alton Ellis (1965) [Chosen by Hannah Catherine Jones]
Rise, Solange (2016) [Chosen by Raju Rage]

Pedagogies of the Ear was a collective listening session that took place on the occasion of our Spring ‘17 exhibition, Speak. The starting point of this event emerged from our ongoing work as part of our Education and Projects programme, where listening has been a key part of our process and a powerful space to critique existing hegemonies in classrooms and community spaces of organising and learning.